Influence of Finite High-Impedance Surface Dimensions on the Characteristics of a Planar Printed Dipole

Sven Karsten Hampel, Isabell Kiral, Oliver Schmitz, Ilona Rolfes

4th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP 2010), pp. 1-4, Barcelona, Spain, April 12-16, 2010


This article highlights the effects of a finite basic High-Impedance Surface (HIS) structure on the impedance, the directivity and the radiation pattern of a printed linear dipole antenna. Furthermore the tradeoff between the minimum and maximum needed physical size of the reflecting surface will be addressed, which has not been done in published articles up to now. The achieved results offer a systematic design approach and lead to an optimized planar dipole antenna, while keeping the physical dimensions as small as possible. Within our investigations we concentrate exclusively on HIS instead of EBG structures (as for example in [3]). This is justified by the demand for low complexity antenna setups that are applicable in nowadays wireless terminals as well as a reduction in computation time and design effort. Moreover the insertion of vias, as proposed by [1], has been dropped to achieve a low-cost and light-weight solution, that can be fabricated within a rapid prototyping process.

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Tags: High-Impedance, Surface