Nummer Name Dozent
1 187260 Grundzüge der Chemie Muhler, Martin
2 201015 Biomedizinische Funktionssysteme II Hexamer, Martin
3 202620 Master-Praktikum Biomedizinische Messtechnik Hexamer, Martin
4 209800 Biomedizinische Funktionssysteme I Hexamer, Martin
5 251230 English for Specific Academic Purposes: Producing and Presenting a Scientific Poster Callahan, Kara
6 251231 English for Specific Academic Purposes: Researching and Writing a Scientific Paper Callahan, Kara
7 251250 Technical English: Projects and management in technical contexts Benford (University Language Centre), Michael
8 251251 Technical English: Basics Benford (University Language Centre), Michael
9 251252 Engineer your careers – English skills for engineers Benford (University Language Centre), Michael
10 260081 Datenschutz Loser, Kai-Uwe